Chapel Haven is blessed to have several trained and certified Bible Workers who can take you through these beautiful, one-on-one Bible studies to anyone who is interested.  The Lifting Up Jesus Bible Study series provides a closer look at Jesus and the Gospel, why you need a Savior, why Jesus had to die, and how to have a relationship with Him.  These lessons also give students a beginning understanding of prophecy, along with lessons in conflict resolution, health, and other topics of importance.

The studies are given in your home, at the church, or anywhere else appropriate that fits your needs and schedule.  There are 30 lessons in this series, which are completed one per week as schedules allow. You will be matched with a teacher who is just right for you.

If you are not an Adventist and are interested in learning more about Jesus to prepare for baptism, these lessons will be invaluable.  If you are an Adventist, and want to understand more about the Gospel, they are very appropriate.

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Personal, online study

To listen to sermons online with a wide variety of speakers and

To study with Light Bearer’s Ministry with Ty Gibson and James

To study with Doug Bachelor and Amazing Facts

To learn more about the Sabbath and why it is still God’s Holy

To understand and explain the fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day